Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Naysayers be gone. I *don’t* care if you think you’re helping, you’re not. I *don’t* care if you are frightened by the sensationalist media and US government reports. (Remember, the American DEA actually sold automatic weapons to the Mexican cartels with their “Fast and Furious” program – guns that came back to kill one of their own team. They are the people you should be fearful of. ) I know you care about us and believe you are acting in a selfless, moral way. But you’re not.

Get this through your head: We’re going. You can either join in our enthusiasm or STFU. Got it? ‘Nuff said.

Very few things get me angrier than willful ignorance. I understand that fear plays a huge part in peoples’ belief system. Look at Christianity – for the first five hundred years, reincarnation was taught. Then some bright men in robes decided that people weren’t fearful enough, because they knew they’d get another kick at the cat and without the fear factor, there could be no control. And thus, reincarnation was stricken from the teachings (well, it was a bit more complicated than that, but this is anything but a theology blog). If you can frighten people, you can control them. Aks the Republicans. Ask FOX News. (In fact, here is a  blog that lists the number 1 way to stop being afraid as: “Stop Watching Television, News Anyway“.

Driving in Mexico, on the toll roads, is safer than driving I-10 through Phoenix. Believe me.

I wasn’t going to do this, but I think I need to add some perspective. The examples I am giving you are from Wikipedia, and I’m using typical American ‘vacation’ destinations to make a point. Tropical countries with a higher murder rate than Mexico include: St Kits, Venezuela, Belize,  Col0mbia, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, St.Vincent, shall I go on? Does the US State Department issue warnings to these countries? The US has a national murder rate that is almost triple Canada’s murder rate (5.0 compared to 1.78 murders per 100,000 people) and unfortunately, to reach Mexico by car, we have to take our chances driving through that country. Thankfully, we don’t have to drive through Washington DC (murder rate: 24) or Louisiana (Murder rate: 11.8). And while indeed, the murder rate in some Mexican areas is as high as that in Louisiana, I don’t think anyone has suggested you avoid Mardi Gras (you certainly don’t need to avoid it at Harry’s in San Miguel). I have really restrained myself here because I want to come across as a rational person. But the next time someone who has never even driven through Mexico tries to scare us, I just may tip. And it won’t be a pretty sight 🙂

On  the other hand, this is a pretty sight, and one I must not lose sight of.

San Miguel Street

We’ve made some progress this week – the yard sale is over, I have less stuff and I’ve socked the cash away, planning to save up our first year’s rent by the end of this year. That will be quite difficult for me as I tend to spend cash. I guess I could put it in the bank but I’ll take that under advisement. As noted in previous posts, my thinking cap is on for making money between now and our ETD. I’ve still got a few things I can sell, like an almost brand new 5,000 kw Honda generator, a 14k gold rather large articulated fish with coral eyes, and a huge tray full of Victorian and Edwardian gold filled (for the most part) jewelry. I have some old Native American (Navajo) stuff I don’t really wear, probably only worth $500 on the market but I don’t wear it and it all adds up.  I do, of course, have freelance writing and editing gigs and could work on finding more of those. And renovating the house is a job – in the end, it will pay. Just not til the end!

Speaking of which, CW got home last night and will be put to work again. Not sure if it will be the carport deck floor (which we will use as an outdoor kitchen but will be easily convertible back to a carport) or the clean-up kitchen. The little galley kitchen is more of a job so the instinct is to do the carport deck first – but, low and behold, it’s raining. And the kitchen is inside, after all. Rosemary (his mom) is visiting us until the 25th of April – and we’re thrilled to have her here — so I won’t push him too hard on the house work. As I look around, there’s not that much left to do, really. Especially if we do the wrap around deck/hot tub moving at the end – at it may even be optional (or ongoing), after we list. I am now hoping to list by September. That would be ideal – if not, I think we’ll hold til January.

We have a house-sitter lined up for this winter (right, Ron?) and I’ve posted to the San Miguel renters list to see what might be available to us. I just want to get on with it. I kind of think that we may just go whole hog once we get there and apply for our 12-month renter status. That way, we could leave the van there, and the dogs and fly back up here as we have to. It’s a little quicker than I expected and I guess it depends on the house renovations and sale. But I feel Canada getting crazier around me and the US is certainly putting me off these days. Even if the house doesn’t sell, we could rent it out, I suppose. Move our stuff in storage. Ah, decisions, decisions. The only thing I know for sure is we are going. So you can stop trying to stop us. Because as a very wise man once noted:

Never, never, try to teach a pig to sing.

Hasta Luego!


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  1. woo hoo Bev, you go girl…to Mexico that is;)

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